Get Faster to Market with 3D Innovation

Want to cut your development time by 50%? From 2D Pattern Making to 3D Design Illustrator, EFI Optitex offers revolutionary end-to-end software solutions that will pave your way to the top.

2D Pattern Making – Skip numerous manual steps in the design process with a superior design experience that is fully customizable.   

Cutting Room Optimization – Save time, money and fabric with automated, intelligent nesting optimization. Integrate different styles, sizes, colors and fabrics in a single Cut Plan.

Marker Making – Easily manage placement of pieces on the marker. Create new sizes and support complex variation grading.

3D Technology – Tap into the power of 3D and experience the benefits of Photorealistic 3D, 3D Design Illustrator, 3D creator, and much more.

Connecting the supply chain through digital innovation is a mouse click away.