An average of $6-8 billion are spent per year on physical samples in the apparel industry. Companies want to touch, feel and see samples in various colorways, before making final decisions. However, this can make development and production cycles long and costly.

The traditional workflow means that it can take months to receive a first, physical prototype from the initial design sketch. Once received, it can take weeks to communicate effectively and make decisions between factories and brands across the globe. Often these samples have to be revised with multiple changes, before going through the lengthy decision-making process again. Multiple physical iterations also means wasted fabric, shipping brokerage and management costs, storage & archiving, disposable of redundancies, and labor costs.

If 75% of those physical samples could be handled digitally, not only would it reduce the costs for physical samples, but also cut development time, allow for faster decision making and speed up time to market, as well as be more sustainable. Incorporating 3D into a company can maximize growth and profits and lead to higher quality products which better answer consumer needs.

What You Will Learn From the Ebook

  • How 3D can revolutionize the way brands, develop, produce and market fashion

  • How you can improve your speed to market while producing better products

  • How physical samples can be reduced by 50% with an average of 10-15% reduction in sample making cost